Friday, April 13, 2012

Editing Rut Turned Into A Great Thing

So yesterday started out to be a very frustrating day.  I started editing photos from a Maternity session that was actually lots of fun but found that I was totally not into it and wasn't happy with the results either.  So I though hey I'll get these new actions from Michelle Kane Photography,, and try those out that should help spice this session up a bit.

But turns out my mind had a totally different idea (go figure).  Playing with these actions totally inspired my creativity to go and have some fun with Lane in an empty field by the park.  Lane absolutely loved every minute of it and despite my 50mm lens acting up again (still not focusing right) I was able to get some really great shots.  So as soon as we got home I managed to take 586 pics and edit them down to 286 and played with the new actions as well.

So Maternity pics are still not edited but I got to try something new and get some great pics of my son.  My frustrating day turned out to be quite a great day after all was said and done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I don't remember much from last year at this time.  My baby, Lane, was only a few weeks old and every thing was just so overwhelming that I didn't even take the time to take pictures of him, besides the random photo on my phone.  Being a photographer I look back and I'm extremely sad that I didn't fight through the exhaustion and terror to capture the sweet moments of my newborn baby.  So with that being said yesterday I took the opportunity to capture Lane's second Valentine's Day with pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do